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Welcome to my personal site

Hi, my name is Ion

and, I'm a web enthusiast.

I can solve all some of your problems...

Interested in the entire frontend / backend spectrum and working on ambitious projects with positive people.

If you have an application you are interested in developing, a problem that needs solving or a project that needs rescuing, I'd love to help you with it.

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About me

My mission

I'm a Software Developer & Generalist Software Engineer based in Kisinev, Moldova. I have a passion for web developing for desktop and mobile devices.
I’ve been around some time, and in various roles at different types of companies, be it a front end or a full stack developer.

Highly experienced in developing & optimization custom PHP/Wordpress/Laravel/ReactJS websites.

some skills


PHP, Wordpress (Theme/Plugin), Laravel, ReactJS, API, Database (Architecture/Design), Website Development, Web Application, Google Analytics/Web Optimization, JavaScript, Cypress(for Testing), Git, Gulp/Sass/Scss...

My services

I like to code things from scratch, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser.

  • 01. Develop custom application
  • 02. Develop WordPress theme or plugin
  • 03. Design theme or entire site
  • 04. Marketing solution
  • 05. Optimize code for increase site speed

Let's work together

Have a project, idea or problem you'd like to discuss?

Let's chat manager@foxapp.net or you can find me in: